Hiya, today I have something completely different for you as I am venturing into mixed media / altered art work for the first time with you and as a it was my Dad’s Christmas present it was a project very close to my heart.

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I decided that the Christmas just gone that I would do another one of my ‘handmade Christmas’ for my family as it had proved a popular choice last year. So this year I made my mum a number of handmade items for her gift, the main one being a lovely big tapestry. I did also make her a Mixed Media piece which I will not say what that is yet as I have filmed it and it will be going up in due course :-))  For my Dad I also made a couple of Mixed Media pieces the main one being the clock featured in this video plus another one, which I also videoed so I won’t tell you what that one is yet either.

Now just before we go to the video I always say I started paper craft having seen some items on a tv craft channel which is true if we are talking card making etc. However many years before that I was doing mixed media pieces using the lovely Modge Podge and cut up pieces from magazines and books. For some reason I just stopped doing it but when I started this piece I didn’t do any research I just went with my gut instinct and memories and I think it turned out pretty darn good 🙂 I hope you do too. So here is my Mixed Media Vintage Car Clock video:-

Well as always I have taken a load of photos and as always just to remind you click on the first picture to get it to the proper size and complete image and then just keep going to see them all:-

So that is it, I love how this turned out and in fact I intend on making myself one. Not with a car of course maybe a little more feminine and shabby chic. Anyhow I would love to hear what you think of it, I know my dad absolutely loved it which is what counts, but I still love to hear your opinions – especially if they are nice lol! So big hugs for now,

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    • He loved it, it has pride of place on his study wall. I just whipped it off there to take the photos as it is a nice sunny day and I thought it would give me better photos than I had – which it did – and he is like ‘where you going with MY clock!!’ lol! This is part one of the gift and part 2 is also handmade and videoed and will go up at some point in the future. These ones keep getting pushed back for some reason but hoping to get the other up soonish xx

  1. I was a bit confused when you were speaking about your Dad’s Christmas present, because I watched the video first and then I read the blog post, and realised it was LAST Christmas you were speaking about lol. I’m glad your Dad liked it very much, the time and effort that you put into it. Yes please, I would love to see more projects like this. It’s something I would like to try, but haven’t got the confidence to do it……yet!! Thank you Amanda :o)

    • thanks of pointing that out Audrey it didnt even occur to me it might be confusing duh! lol! So as a result you will see on the video I have changed the title and also added a little info in the youtube para so hopefully people will now realise. Hugs xx

  2. Amanda this clock is just GORGEOUS!!! WOW!I would LOVE to see more videos on you altering or making 3D projects, home decor and mini albums. Love what you did with this clock. Just beautiful!

    • Thank you, glad you liked and thank you for the feedback. It certainly seems to be the consensus to do some more of this kind of project so your wish is my command lol!

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