Hiya my name is Amanda – AKA ‘Lolli Lulu’.Lolli Lulu is the nickname given to me by my ‘Mummi’.  Since I was a little girl, Mum called me ‘Lolli Lulu’ as she says I am such a ‘Lolli’ i.e. a bit silly – but in an affectionate way (I hope!). I started my career as a Lawyer and practiced for many years in Criminal Defence. Even though it was a job that I loved, I felt that something was missing and my natural creativity was being stifled.

So in 2000 I joined the family business of Nails which included a successful Nail Spa, Training School and European Distribution for a large American company. I loved working in Nails and running our own business. But for me the next step was to take my craft up a level with this website.

I started crafting, like so many of us, as a child. I loved to knit, embroider, tapestry, cross stitch, crochet and still do. I started paper crafting much later in life but as soon as I did, it became my passion. I loved everything about it, from the smell of the paper (c’mon we have all inhaled paper! I know its not just me!!) to all the little sparkly things! However things really changed for me when I discovered die cutting. I loved to watch craft videos and kept seeing about this machine called a ‘Cricut’. I was hooked just from videos and in Christmas 2009, my Mum and Dad got me my first Cricut and my ‘Craft Life’ was revolutionised.

Since then I have added to the family of die cutting machines with a number of digital and manual machines. But although I love my die cutting, my paper crafting style is very varied using all sorts of different techniques and styles.  I try to ensure that I show that variety here and would like to think that

Lolli Lulu Crafts is for everyone

and that it is  a place where you can come to enjoy the craft, enjoy chatting with me & each other, making lots of new friends along the way.

Have a great craft day !