Hiya, today it is time for some more cooking with this months episode of Bake Date with Lolli. This month I am going to show you my easy peasy recipe for Crumble, I’m making mine an Apple Crumble but you could make it any kind of Crumble you fancy.

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I love making Crumble and it is one of those puds that you can whip in no time, the ingredients are things that you would always have in stock and so any time you suddenly think you wished you had a pudding this is the one I turn to. So here is my Bake Date with Lolli Apple Crumble video:-

So as you can see it is really easy to make and I know I used a tin of fruit filling and of course you can easily change that to real fruit, but I wanted to show a yummy recipe that is easy to make with things you can just keep in the larder:-

Now of course with all Bake Date posts I will always add a written recipe for you so that if you just want a quick reminder it is all here for you.

6oz Plain Flour

2oz Semolina or Ground Rice

7oz Castor Sugar

1oz Demerara Sugar

3 1/2oz Butter

  1. Put all ingredients into a bowl making sure all dry ingredients are mixed before butter added.

  2. Rub together until dry ingredients all mixed into butter making a bread crumb look

  3. Add fruit or fruit filling into your dish

  4. Add your crumble mix onto the top and lightly spread .

  5. Put into oven at 180c for about 45mins

  6. Remove from oven and serve with custard, ice cream or cream (or all three lol!)

Well that is it for today, I hope you are enjoying this new series, anyway big hugs for now and see you again soon,

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