Hiya, today I have a fun British themed Cardz 4 Men card that actually I sent to my cousin of a cool Mini Car card made using two funky kits from Kanban!

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I love these two set by Kanban – one is the Retro Car collection and the other is the British Collection (not sure of it exact name sorry).  I love the colours, I love the way that it really mixes well together and Kanban really does do very nice quality card which allows you to take a piece of the patterned card and use that as your card base. And as you guys know I am very fussy about the weight of card I use for my card base, I can’t stand anything flimsy as I like to put a lot on the front so it needs to be able to take all of that. Apart from which I think if you use light weight card it can just make the whole thing look cheap. Its something a lot of new crafters do I think, they don’t want to use the good stuff cos they are new at crafting so use the second grade stuff and then make their card and think that they are not any good at crafting. When actually if they had made that exact same card in the best quality product they would have been so pleased. So I know I have gone off subject here a bit, but if you are a new crafter take my advice and use the good stuff it will make all the difference.

Anyway back to today, as I said and as you will see in the video I mixed two kits here and I think you will see how it worked really well. So first as always here is the video of my Cardz 4 Men Kanban Mini Car Card but don’t forget to come back here after to see all the photos 🙂

So that was the video and I hope you enjoyed it, now as usual here are the photos of the finished card and don’t forget to click on them to see them larger, If you click the first one and it comes up large you can then click the ‘play’ button and it will run through the photos for you and you can just sit back and enjoy 🙂

So that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed the video and liked the finished card. I know my cousin did which I guess is the main thing. But for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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  1. Very cool card. It can be difficult sometimes to make a masculine card and I like this very much. I haven’t been able to find Kanban cardstock lately, it’s really nice quality. I like how you added glossy accents to the windshield and stickles on the car. You are so good at taking it up a notch by adding those little details.

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