Hiya, today I have a beautiful stamped image that I coloured and made into a card. Since I started my website I have interspersed my newly made cards with cards that had been made historically by me. Since almost the beginning of me making cards I have photographed them so I have an extensive record of the cards I made. Occasionally it may be that I had already shown a particular card on my Facebook for example but in general I will try to make sure, as best I can, that the cards I put on here you will not have seen before. If I do delibrately use cards that I have shown you already on my other social media then I will make sure that I let you know that and the reason that I had decided to re-show that particular card.

Geisha Thumb

I have crafted in some form all my life – knitting crochet embroidery tapestry cross stitch and many other types of craft. Papercraft was in fact the last major style of craft that I have tried and I only started that probably 8/9 years ago. I was watching Create & Craft tv, it was very very different to what it is now and most of the products were own brand. I didn’t really understand what I needed to buy, they didn’t seem to do a kit back then as they do now, so I struggled through trying to put together a little order so that I could try some card making. Even though I really didn’t buy the right things, I really enjoyed what I was doing, and as she does now my mum surprise me with a whole bunch of crafty goodies. This included some cute wooden stamps. I know it probably sounds daft but I didn’t really think about the fact that I should stamp them and then colour them in! I was just trying to stamp them using different colour inks on different parts of the stamp to get the lines to be in different colours. Maybe that’s why at that time I never really got into stamping.

At the same time as playing around with my new goodies I was watching YouTube videos on this machine called a Cricut. I persuaded my mum and dad, in a very non-subtle way, to buy me the Cricut Create for my Christmas present. Within a very short space of time I realised that this was my type of crafting and I already wanted to upgrade to the Cricut Expression. So I sold my Create and purchased with a little help from mum and dad for the difference my gorgeous pink Cricut Expression. The one I still have and is still working fabulously even though I’ve never even changed the blade! I have change the mat though LOL!

So you for some reason, at this point, I decided to start my own videos on YouTube mostly using my Cricut and the rest as they say is history! The point of telling you all of this apart from the fact that it gives you a little history on my crafting journey, is to say that I have been paper crafting only around 10 years tops and of that I have had about 1/3 only where I have been a stamper and colourist. It proves I think that it is your desire to do something that makes it work. That is why I always quote that George Bernard Shaw quote on my site and social media.

I can’t pretend It hasn’t been a steep, but amazing, learning curve. I’ve gone from pencils, regular markers, watercolour markers etc etc each time increasing the quality of my material as I realised that by doing so it increased the quality off my work. Todays crd was one of my earlier efforts, but a serious effort with pencils and I think it turned out pretty ok, I used the gorgeous Kanban stamp and also coincidently Kanban paper that I felt had an oriental feel. So here it is my Kanban Japanese Geisha Girl Stamped Card :-

J2012-05-27 15.01.55

J2012-05-27 15.02.14   j2012-05-27 15.02.35

And the stamps used:-


Well I hope you liked having a look back at one of my earlier colouring efforts and that you liked the card, But for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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