Hiya, today I have the start of a new series for you, or at least I guess we can call in a series. it’s not going to be something that I am gonna have set dates for, like silhouette seminars are absolutely the first Wednesday of every month. But on a regular basis I’m going to be doing a video and post called Cricut class room and today we are looking at Cricut Explore Purchasing Cuts

Cricut Classroom (explore)
This will consist of media is And posts that will look at all aspects of our different Cricut machines. So for example this Cricut Class Room is based around the Cricut Explore but the other classes will include looking at the Cricut Mini and the Cricut Expression. Now for The Mini that will mean looking at the Cricut Craft Room too and therefore obviously the Cricut Explore will also include looking at Design Space. The Expression classes are back to basics with no computer software at all as mine is the Original Expression and not the E2.
So as I mentioned above, today we are looking at Design Space for the Cricut Explore and looking at how we can purchase or get in some way the cuts / images for design space. Also as promised in the video the cost of the subscription to Design Space which gives you access to all images / cuts on it is $9.99  per month. I can’t find anywhere that gives it in local currency so I assume you pay for it in dollars say via paypal and it gets converted to whatever is the exchange rate at that time. At todays rate it works out at around ¬£6.50 per month. Personally I am happy not subscribing as I have a lot of carts and if there is the odd image I want then I can buy that as a single image which is 99cents or 79 pence – that is shown in local currency as you are purchasing those images from your countries design space. Anyway here is the Cricut Class Room – Cricut Explore Purchasing Cuts :-

Well I hope you enjoyed the first instalment in our new Cricut Class Room and I would love to hear not only what you think but if there is anything in particular you would like me to cover. And don’t forget that these videos will cover your Cricut Explore and Design Space; Cricut Mini and Cricut Craft Room and finally your Original Cricut Expression. I’m afraid I do not have the E2 so can not offer any videos on that. Nor do I have my Imagine anymore however if you go to the Video Gallery you will find a whole heap of videos using the Imagine there. And Lastly I do not have the Baby Bug or Create but these are so similar in principal to the Original Expression – the only difference really being the size of Mat used that I think you find I can answer most questions on the Baby Bug or Create using my Expression. So for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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  1. Hi Amanda, in reading your comments I don’t think I own the Expression 2 or know what that one is…I do know I own 2 Expressions. I have no idea why I bought two, one is in the basement. I will be selling all of machines except my explore as I am happy with it..I also have many carts and I love them. I like being able to buy a design but Do you know if you get to only borrow it for the 99cents or is it yours to keep in your on line library or cloud or is it “renting” it? I prefer to own mine..but when it is only 1 or 2 designs I don’t mind paying the few dollars it is to get that image for as long as I need it…Thanks Amanda… Victoria

    • When you pay for the image or even a whole cart in design space it is yours forever and you will find it is even in the cricut craft room design software too if you log on with the same info. However when you subscribe the images you use are on loan for the time of your subscription, when sub ends all images except those you have bought previously go. Personally I like to buy mine and know they are mine. and sometimes I even buy the cart, like i did with frozen so I can put it on my original expression but also add the images via the explore into design space. Anyway I hope that helps hugs xxx

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