Hiya, today I have for you a card I made quite a few years back now using a gorgeous wooden block stamp of a beautiful and elegant lady that I finished with a veil of vellum around the card.

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I think this stamped image was in fact it was probably one of my first ever stamps and stamping projects. It is a wooden block stamp that I have no idea what it is or who made it but it is of this beautiful lady. I coloured her pretty basic just using pencils but even so I think it looks really nice and I think it just proves that you don’t have to be the best colourist to enjoy stamping and still have your project turn out nice. The image itself inspired the vellum wrap because as I said above she made me think of ladies with veils which in its turn made me think of the vellum wrap.

So for the card itself, I started out with a pre-scored A6 (approx.  6″ x 4″) card in light blue onto which I added some yellow card which I had punched across the bottom edge in this gorgeous bubble punch from x-cut. I used yellow as it felt such a lovely summery combination with the blue and it matched in nicely with the yellow flowers I had coloured in her hair.  Next I added my stamped image to the yellow mat.

I decided to add an insert to the inside of my card with a printed and then foiled verse on it using my foiling machine. I then cut this to size and stuck it to the inside of the card using a single line of tape pen to the inside front of the card. I do this so that as the recipient opens the card, the insert is pulled open because it is stuck to the inside front of the card meaning it is pulled forward with the card as it is opened. If you stick it on the inside back of the card this does not happen. I then added my vellum wrap around the card and used a piece of yellow grosgrain ribbon to hold it in place popping a small glue dot under the bow to ensure the ribbon did not slide. So that is the how to, so now here are the photos of my Stamped Elegant Lady Vellum Overlay Card :-

Well I hope you enjoyed taking a look at one of my older cards, it was fun for me to go back and look at the photos and try and remember what I did. So for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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