HI Guys, so its that time of the month again for a SIS stamping / colouring video. Today I have for you a really fun image that could be used as both a Halloween and  Birthday image. So todays SIS is SIS East Wind Lucy Loo Bookaholic Card. I started off making this for Halloween so I think the colouring has a slight witchy colour tone to it, but in the end I decided that I really didn’t need anymore Halloween cards so changed into a fun birthday card. A always for an SIS video I show the colouring of the image and the finished card but not the actual making of the card. If I did show the making of the card the video would be even more crazy long so since the focus is on the colouring that is where the video is focused. So I hope you enjoy it, and if you are worried about colouring hair then this one is for you cos this image really does have a lot of hair. I love colouring hair and I really think this turned out good. As always I have followed the video on here with a load of photos for you. Enjoy SIS East Wind Lucy Loo Bookaholic Card

So here are the photos:


bIMG_8050  bIMG_8014

bIMG_8023  bIMG_8017

bIMG_8024 bIMG_8054

And the colours used, sadly the basic Grey Paper Pack Eva that I used is now a retired collection:

bIMG_7983  bIMG_7984

So I hope you enjoyed the video and liked the finished card. I would love to hear what you think so do comment down below for me 🙂 Have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

4 Comments on SIS East Wind Lucy Loo Bookaholic Card

  1. Thank you Amanda for a fun and enjoyable tutorial. The hair was fantastic and the face I can see you love applying makeup. You did a wonderful job and I learned a lot. You really love doing this because I know it took a lot of time, focus and hard work. you really know your stuff about markers and how to use them.
    what can I say. I learned a lot watching this video and I thank you for sharing your hard work with all of us.
    Fantastic Amanda..

    • thank you my sweet pat for all your lovely comments as always – I quite blushed 🙂 hugs oh and I am going to do some more of the easy peasy colouring soon as it seemed popular so you might find it encourages you to have a colour?

    • thank you sweet Miss Kitty Cat and so did I love the hair, Loved colouring it and loved how it turned out – is that big headed oh well lol!

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