Hiya, today is our #TBT day and todays Throwback Thursday is going to be looking a a video with lots of cards made on the Cricut Imagine and my Gypsy.

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I ended up making a whole heap of food themed cards although the video only shows the making of a couple – although I do show them all finished at the end.  I used so many different cartridges for this which means there is actually a lot of scope to put your own mark on the designs if you want to use them for inspiration or you simply don’t have these particular carts. Don’t forget as well that if you don’t own the Imagine, which is now a discontinued machine, that you could easily make these cards on an Explore as all the Imagine carts are now available in Design Space for the Explore. Plus a bonus if you did own an Imagine and now own an Explore, Cricut have not only put the Imagine carts you owned into your Explore cart library, they have added all the images from the Imagine carts you didn’t own! wow thanks Cricut this means that Imagine owners now have access to all of the Imagine carts ever made. Anyway back to today, first as always here is the Intro video to our # TBT January 16 Cricut Imagine & Gypsy :-

So now you have listened to that here is the fun part the actual project video, hope you enjoy 🙂

Finally as always here are some photos of the finished project. Now when this was shown before I did not have a blog so I had no where to post these photos so I hope you enjoy taking a look at them:

So that is it for this months #TBT, I hope you enjoyed taking a look back at this Imagine video, but for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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