Hiya, today as promised I am making you a Cricut Disney Frozen Card using Olaf as our main character, I decided to make the card on my regular Cricut Expression as it seems there are hardly any videos these days using this, so I hope you enjoy.

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Now you may recall that I did a poll asking you which character you would want me to make once the cartridge arrived. The overwhelming answer was Olaf, so Olaf it is. So here is our Cricut Disney Frozen Olaf Card Video, I hope you enjoy:-

So that is the video showing how I made the character and then the card using my regular expression, but dont forget that once you have connected your cartrigdge to your Cricut account then those images are available everywhere for you. Now just before we go to the photos here is the video about the Universal Overlay – I think there is a project in it too:-

Now as always here are some photos, and dont forget to click on them to make them large, and then if you want click on the ‘play’ button to have a slideshow that you can just sit back and enjoy:

So that is it for today and I hope you enjoyed our Cricut Disney Frozen Olaf Card and I am sure you will be seeing more from that cartridge in the future, but in the meantime hugs and have a great craft day,

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