Hiya, today I have a great FUN-damentals post for you where we take a look at how to make a stickpin or hat pin using a plain pin and some beautiful beads.

I realise that there are probably a lot of you that already know how to make these, but I remember that I had to ask someone myself how they were made and so figured that I am probably not the only one who was unsure. Also the whole purpose of the FUN-damental section of this site is to look at the basics and how to’s of craft for beginners mostly maybe but not exclusively.  So here is my How to make a Stick Pin video:-

So I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, but for now hugs and have a great craft day,


Amanda Evans

4 Comments on How to make a Stick Pin

  1. I have seen these pins before, you and a few others that I watch on youtube use them (mostly UK people actually as far as I can tell). The one that you made is really pretty!

    • I think they came here from the US with the Shabby Chic card style and mixed media etc but very lovely addition I think to a card xx

  2. Do you know of a source in the USA for all of the supplies you used to make your stick pin? THanks!

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