Hiya, today I have for you another card in my Cardz 4 Men series. Now this series is cards that you can make for your men or cards that you guys can make for yourselves 🙂

So todays card was actually a card I made for my Dad. I think this is a really cool card that when finished looks like it was really complicated to make but actually as you will see was easy peasy. So here is my Cardz 4 Men Kanban Pub Tunnel Card video:

So there it is, now can you see how easy that was to make and you could easily make something similar from scratch by just creating your own concertina sides and pick one decoupage a little cleverly so it can be layered back into the tunnel. Although that said a lot of companies do make decoupage for tunnel cards either in real card or digi form.  Anyway as always here are some photos of the finished card, and don’t forget to click it to see the image in full:

So that is it for today, I hope you have enjoyed making this card with me. I really wanted to try and start up some of my series again as we have got all out of sync with everything with me doing the Lodge (a good excuse though eh?) Anyway for now hugs and have a great craft day,

Amanda Evans

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    • he did, it was for fathers day. I usually dont show videos on cards that are personal til after I have given them esp mum and dad as they see the videos lol! so yes he really liked it thank you hun xx

    • Hiya, I did check out kanban and could not see these were available anymore. It was from pastimes collection I think it was called. I looked on their and create and crafts site and nada. However on kanban they do now have a digital section which has some older collections I have to say I didnt check that out 🙂

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