Hiya, today I have for you a fun, beautiful shaped card made using images from a CD Rom by Joanna Sheen called Enchanted Dreams.


I love making shaped cards and I found these great pre-shaped trip-fold cards but rather than purchasing a whole bunch I copied the idea of the shape onto my silhouette and made my own. This card is one of the ones from the mystery missing folder so it was made some time back now and sadly it seems that the Silhouette file with the shaped card design on it has also gone. There was quite a lot lost when my PC crashed and I keep coming across more bits that I had forgotten about such as this Silhouette file. That said it is not that hard to reproduce – some rectangles some ovals and a bit of welding and you are there ūüôā

Anyway at the time I realised this card shape was perfect for oval shaped topper designs and was able to make use of this beautiful image on the Enchanted Dreams CD. This one was a pyramage design and I cut each layer by hand which was not too much of a problem however I think if I could I would use my dies now just so as to get a real perfect shape but that is probably me being over fussy lol!

Anyway the pictures pretty much speak for themselves as to the design so here are the photos of my Angel Tri-Fold CD Rom Card :-

Well I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this card and I hope it inspires you to get going with some more unusual shapes. But for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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  1. I love the colour, but then again, I’m a sucker for anything blue, or purple lol. Thank you :o)

    • ahh thanks Audrey, I really liked it, It is another one of the card photos I found in the missing (no longer missing!) folder and it was a lovely surprise to see all these cards I hadn’t seen for ages. I know some haven’t as many photos, and the photos might not be as good quality as they are now but I still figured it was nice to share with you all so glad you liked it -) xx

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