Hiya, today I have for you my Mothers Day Card for my Mummi that I made using the wonderful Sue Wilson New Zealand Dies.

I think that in this card I used pretty much the whole New Zealand Collection which was from the last release of Sue’s Dies. I really loved these and in this card I wanted to show that you don’t need to make a large card when using Sue Wilson dies. This card is a 6″ x 6″ square Easel Card and I think it turned out wonderfully. I know that my Mum was blown away and the card is still sitting out on the mantle 🙂 So enough chatter here is my Sue Wilson New Zealand Mothers Day Card video:-

So I hope you liked the card, I know the video was a bit long but I wanted to share as much of the process as I could with you, so I hope I didn’t lose you half way through.  Anyway as always here are a load of photos of the finished card for you to see:

So that is it for today, if you want to see the products used they are listed and linked below. Otherwise big hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

11 Comments on Sue Wilson New Zealand Mothers Day Card

    • thank you and yes she did love it, I think I said somewhere (maybe Facebook can’t remember now, might even be in this post) that she has left it up on the mantle ever since Mother’s Day (March here) and she loved it. Glad you liked the tip, I hate seeing these crafters putting glue all over their hands as I know it can potentially cause such problems. Hugs xx

  1. Loved it.. I am not crazy about Felt FLowers but a lot of people are..I have most of the New Zealand Collection and I am thrilled that you showed it and I was able to get the 3 major ones..I didn’t get the tags, but I love them. I don’t think the S W dies are that big in person, but I am in love with them that is for sure! thanks again Amanda, for one beautiful card..Your mum will love, my mom and mother in law will love them. I am going to make one a paler more blush color and the other in a lilac color..Tell your mother Happy Mothers Day for me…Hugs, Victoria

  2. pS Loved the glue tip, that was excellant..and I have a lot of dies that have intricate area’s and I never can figure out how to put the adhesive on without making a HUGE mess, so thank you..V

    • Hi sweetie, glad you liked it and I am actually with you re the felt flowers but these just called out for that softer look and it really did work. Actually I am not one for paper flowers from dies at all hence why I just gave away a load of my tattered lace to one of the Lolliettes who messaged me to ask if I knew where she could get a particular TT flower die as it was now out of stock everywhere and so I figured I didnt use it so I sent her it and half dozen others too and I think I got the better end of the bargain as she sent me the most lovely bouquet of flowers which is so nice of her. Anyway I digress my point was I like you didnt really think felt really worked for the flowers but this has changed my mind and made me even wonder what other ones that I haven’t liked before would look like if i cut them in the felt instead. Anyway send me by email the photos of your cards if you can as I would love to see them and would love to share them with the other Lolliettes too, big hugs Miss Vicki the second lol! xxx ps glad to have helped re the glue too as it does worry me when I see you ladies and gents use the glue from the back of your hands – not that Im saying you do that but just that was my motivation to show the technique xx

  3. Thank you for showing the New Zealand dies, you really made a beautiful card and i never thought to make the border edge in that manner, thanks for that tip

    • My Pleasure and thank you – oh and if you are a fan of Sue’s keep watching the Giveaways this week !! I will say no more lol! 🙂

  4. I enjoyed this video all the way through. Such a lovely card! When is Mother’s Day in UK? In US it’s in May. Thanks for the tip about gluing intricate die cuts. Another method is to use a tape pen that delivers tiny dots. If you run that over the intricate part, the dots will stick on the thin paper lines and where there isn’t any paper, the dots will stick to whatever you’re using to protect your work surface. Sometimes you have to touch it up lightly with an adhesive eraser. I think it’s so dangerous when Sue Wilson uses spray adhesive.

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed, I just posted an anniversary card made using Sue Wilson dies last week did you see that yet? if not if you go to the home page here the slider has a link to it or of course you can just click the blog flag above and you will see it in the feed there too. Mothers Day is usually March here so a few months before you guys. Thanks for the tip about the glue dot tape pen, I did used to do that but to be honest I used to end up moving the die cut into the dots on the surface behind and messing up the front of the cut – I am such a messy pup lol! So although a fab idea i found for me this way is the best. I agree with you about the spray adhesive too though, I hate the smells of them and breathing that in plus she doesn’t use a box so it must go everywhere, and when you do use a box i had the same problem of managing to blow the die cut around the box and then get the glue on the right side lol! told you messy pup ! I also don’t like it when I see people use the method I have here with the wet glue but putting the glue on the back of their hands, so risky. My family business is nails, you may know from remarks I have made in videos, and we know that if you get an allergy to something then you find nearly everything becomes a problem. Anyway glad you liked, have a good Christmas if we don’t chat before 🙂

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