Hiya, today I have a video that I posted at Easter on Youtube but not here of some lovely Easter Butterfly Fairy Cakes. It proved unexpectedly popular so I decided to catch up my Baking posts onto my blog here so it is all in one place.

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Now although the cakes in this recipe have been decorated for Easter clearly you could miss off the eggs or put something else in their place and eat these anytime of the year. So first of all I will show you my Bake Date With Lolli Easter Butterfly Fairy Cakes video:

Now in case you just want a reminder of the recipe rather than looking though the whole video, here it is just written down:

This recipe should make approx 15 cakes if making them into Butterfly cakes as you need to add a little extra mixture per case for those so you have enough height to cut the ‘wings’. However if you are making these as just regular little fairy cakes it should make about 18 -21 little cakes as you don’t put as much in each case so it will stretch a little further.


  • 6oz Self Raising Flour

  • 8oz Caster Sugar

  • 8oz Butter

  • 4 large Eggs

Butter Icing:-

  • 10oz Icing Sugar

  • 5oz Butter

  • Milk as required


  1. Beat together Butter and Sugar

  2. Add beaten Eggs slowly, using Flour to stop any curdling by adding a little Flour with each addition of Eggs

  3. Once all Flour and Eggs are added beat until smooth, but not too long as over-beating can make the finished cake dry.

  4. Pop a spoonful or two into each individual cake case and cook at about 160C for 20-25 mins approx depending on how much mixture you have used per cake.

  5. Once cooked take out of oven and carefully remove cakes from tray onto wire rack to cool.

  6. Cook remainder mixture as before.

  7. Make Butter Icing by creaming together Butter and Icing Sugar. Add Milk as required to thin mixture if necessary.

  8. Once Cakes are completely cool cut into them the ‘wings’

  9. Add Butter Cream into each well of the Cake and then pop in the ‘wings’.

  10. Decorate with Mini Eggs and Strands or leave plain

  11. Eat!

Now for this recipe I do have some photos of the finished Cakes for you:-

So that is it for this months Bake Date. I hope you enjoyed and do make sure you watch out for next month.

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