Hi ya, so how was your Christmas card making going? Are you all ahead and on top of the overwrite you panicking to get them all done at the very last minute? I think I’m somewhere in between! As always I seem to forget to do a card for my parents and family members!?! Go figure!

Anyway today I have for you a card that I made some time ago and that for some reason, as far as I’m aware, I have not shown you before. The card is a trifold card that I made by making a template from a card that I had actually received. I just really liked the shape and created this template and have made several cards from it since. This particular card I took the template and used it on an A4 piece of card stock. I took a small sliver off the short side of the A4 piece of card to make it easier to divide into three sections. To be honest I can’t now remember those particular dimensions, but just take whatever card you gonna use and work out the easiest number to divide into three and then take off any excess that you might need to. I then used my template to create the curved edge and the base card is then created.

Next I took some of my cosmic shimmer glue and put that around the shaped edges as you can see in the photograph and also around the edge of an oval shaped piece of white card that was designed to fit on the front curved part of the card. Next over a piece of scratch paper I sprinkled (completely smothered! Lol!) some gorgeous blue glitter over the glue that I had applied. I left the glitter as it was for a good hour so that the glitter had an chance to absorb and sink into the cosmic shimmer glue. Finally I lifted the card shaking the excess glitter onto my scratch paper leaving behind a gorgeous shimmery sparkly edge to my Card and Oval. It’s very hard to catch just how sparkly it is in the photograph sadly.

Then I added some lovely pearlescent embossed snowflake patterned paper to the next inside fold of the card (the one that will show out from under our shaped front) plus I added the sentiment down the bottom corner there too. Finally I added the Oval with Snowman Topper onto the very front layer of the card. What you are looking for is how the card looks shut as well as open, since the first two surfaces, due to the shape, almost count as one.

 vIMG_8556    vIMG_8555

vIMG_8553  vIMG_8558

vIMG_8557  vIMG_8527

Well I hope you like the card and I hope you can see that just by changing the shape a little it really does make a huge difference to how a card looks. I particularly like this shape as it is a bit different from the usual, anyway for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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