Hiya, today we are going back to basics with a simple but lovely vintage style father’s day card. I wanted to do a card that ended up looking great but done simply for all those beginner crafters out there. That said I would like to think that you experienced crafters would still enjoy this video.

IMG_3612   IMG_3621

So I hope you enjoyed watching and let me know what you think in the comments section below, happy crafting,

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Amanda Evans

4 Comments on Anna Griffin Simple Father’s Day Card

  1. Hello Amanda
    What a great kit for a beginner or newbie. Most of the complicated parts are solved for them and all they need to do is to create the card by arranging the pieces together. I feel this was a good way to tell about the kit too. It made a nice card for you too. Like you say things are coordinated so they will be compatible with the other objects. A great help for people who want to give it a try.
    Good show

    • totally but also fab for experienced crafters as we can really make into something more or just do a more simple card ourselves 🙂

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