Hi all, I know that a lot of you that follow me regularly will know that some time ago we started the Elegant Edges Cricut Cartridge Mini Album Video Series.  We have got as far as making the base of the album and decorating a number of the pages. However with the launch of the website and other things that have been going on I’m afraid I have been a little neglectful of completing this project. I thought therefore that todays post would be an update, for those of you that have been following along and those new to my site, and then over the next couple of months we will complete this album. I think we have a couple more pairs of pages and then the actual putting of the album together. So below is the videos that I have done so far to get you back up to date ready for the next instalment. Enjoy and see you tomorrow for a video.

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  1. Amanda I followed you through the whole project of a mini album of elegant edges. I loved all your papers and color combinations. My it is a lot of work. I got tired just from watching you do all this work, calculating and figuring. I work sort of the same way. I love glitz and glitter and I’m glad that you used Stickles too. So many opportunities to add this and then that and before we know it it is all done. I just feel that folks that do albums are so dedicated and just persevere to the end. I was worn out from all the work. Of course I sat and watched all of them at one time. It made me feel I was right in there doing the project with you. Thus I got tired from the work. I didn’t take a break too and I know that really made me feel like I was working right there with you.
    where I stopped I didn’t get to see you put the spiral into the book binding. I would love to see that process too. Do you have a link for a video about the spiral being put into the book.
    Great job Amanda You really have a fantastic imagination. I couldn’t keep up with you. I love the glitz and glitter and you did a fantastic job.

    • thank you for all your lovely words as always, but no you didn’t miss anything. This is a catch up for those that hadn’t seen it so far so you got up to date ready for me finishing it all off. I think I put somewhere in the text of the post what exactly is left to do. So you are not going loopy lol! 🙂 xoxo

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