Hi all, I have a video for you today showing you a behind the scenes look at the planning of Lolli Lulu Crafts. I had a lot of interest in the content of my planner that was briefly touched upon in my Erin Condren planner update video last week so I thought I would show you a little more of the content of the planner rather the planner itself. So this video looks at how I plan out my posts, videos and social media and how I use the planner to keep me organised. I think this works out as good timing as it is this week that Erin is due to launch the next years planners. If that goes ahead on the 12th – also my birthday 🙂 – then I will post some photos etc of the new stuff that she launches. Anyway back to this video, I hope you enjoy this little look behind the scenes and I would love to hear your comments, 🙂

have a great craft day and see you tomorrow with a post 🙂

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  1. Hiya, just noticed that you are in the UK and was wondering how you deal with the situation of getting stickers etc to decorate your planner, as most of the Erin condren based stickers eg on Etsy are all shipped from the U.S. and so have high shipping prices and could get even more added at customs- do you have any favourite places in the UK where you would purchase? Thanks! 🙂 ps lovely videos!

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