Hi all, and happy birthday to me, yey! I thought today since it was my birthday we would look at one of my new favourite things, which just so happens to be launching the new lines today. What a happy coincidence and what an opportunity to buy myself a birthday presents or two or five! lol! Now my actual birthday gift from my family is a gorgeous sewing machine, but I will show that to you next week so as to give me time to film and edit a video on it. So to today is the new Erin Condren Life Planner Launch. I have added the video showing you all about the amazing new interchangeable covers – wow how fab is that?! I wondered why they were a little elusive when we were chatting on twitter about how I wanted to get all different designs on the notebook, address book and planner as I couldn’t choose – now I know why !!! You are soooo sneaky Miss Erin!! lol! In addition to that the new 2014/2015 edition has a removable perpetual calendar, and removable/reusable coil clips for additional personalisation, customizable event stickers and photo stickers, Keep It Together folder, and zippered pouch with included gift labels are available as well. I just love the additional features and can’t wait to get ordering 🙂







Here are some photos for  you to look at, so what are your favs and what do you think of the new interchangeable cover?


Life planners – quote cover and platinum edition (one of the gorgeous colours available)

brave pink


And then a couple of the interchangeable covers – I thought it was fun to see the baby pink platinum edition in both the book and the covers:-

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AND FINALLY here is a link so that you can get a $10 discount on any product that you may want to get from EC store. How fab is that? go enjoy having a look at the new stuff and don’t forget if you do decide to shop, come back here and use this link to get your $10 discount.

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Amanda Evans

11 Comments on Erin Condren Life Planner Launch & Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

    • hey sweetie, thank you so much, oh did you get my email re saturated canary ? come back to asap on that please xixx 🙂

  1. Hi Amanda! Happy Birthday to you! (It was mine on Monday the 9th!) and I got to work today and it felt like my birthday all over again because my prize from you arrived! Thank you so much! I love it and especially love the card you made for me. It looks like a saturated canary stamp, it’s perfect, with little bits of tape on her fingers, I love the card so much! I hope you have a wonderful birthday (and spoil yourself as much as I did myself!) lol. Love the look of the new EC stuff, I think my fave part was the little tab things you can stick to stuff like invites and just pop that in to your planner! Once again, thank you so much! and Happy Birthday Sweetie :o)

    • ahh thanks hun, and happy belated birthday to you too 🙂 and glad your prize arrived and that you liked. Yes well spotted it is a SC digital stamp and it is washi tape girl – still available 🙂 also i did video the process of making these cards for the winners so that will go up at some point too 🙂

  2. hi amanda!

    first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful blog post on us, it means alot and we love hearing positive feedback like this! we truly appreciate customers like you and are thrilled to hear you love all of the new improvements we made this year!

    we just pinned your post with your blog URL to our pinterest review board, check it out! http://www.pinterest.com/erincondren



    • thank you so much and its my pleasure. I love your product and am just sorting out my order – planner, address book, note book, stickers, rulers ….. the list goes on! lol! I was wondering if you might next year do the planners with no covers as well so that if we already have covers we love we can just get the new inner? thank you for the pin and glad the launch went well 🙂

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