Hiya, well first of all welcome back after Christmas and New Year, I hope you had a lovely break. I had a little break, and obviously a break from videos and posting, but not a actual massive break from working as I was busy busy bee. But anyway to today’s post. Today I thought it would be useful to do a quick review at the previous CCR (Cricut Class Room) Cricut Explore videos so that those of you that were lucky enough to get an Explore for Christmas, or those of you that just want to revisit the posts and videos, know where to go.

So lets first take a look at the video here showing my Cricut Class Room Explore Update;-

So I think that explains, at least I hope it does, where you go to find all these videos. I did originally think I would add them all to this post but then realised if you wanted to see just the videos in one place it was just as easy to go to the video library above and if you actually wanted to see the posts as well then me popping the videos here in this one didnt really help lol! So as I said in the video it is my intent to make this a monthly series so keep a watch out for the next one next month, I will give the newbies some time to catch up and then off we will go. I hope you found this review helpful, please do feel free to ask me any questions but otherwise for now hugs and have a great craft day,

Amanda Evans

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