Hiya, today I have for you a great big bulk make of Cricut Christmas Cards featuring all kinds of cute critters and items.

This is a very large Cricut project that looks more complicated than it is. The main complication was in the design process and I have added this file so it can be downloaded (link in the product list below my signature) so you don’t have all that work to do. The next part is really a case of organisation and I have tried to show my process in the video so you can follow the same path if you want, which I think you will find simplifies things a lot. I know all those cuts might seem overwhelming but Cricut is good at bunching things together that go together so that helps, and just slowly do as I did and add the elements to a pile, one for each critter, and you will find you only have a few pieces left on the mat you aren’t sure of, that when you come to put your critter together you will then identify. I found starting my piles with the black cuts a good way as the black card cuts were the whole shape of your critter so it helped you see which pile was which.  After that you will see how I put the critters together and where I went from there, but it really is not as hard as you might think at first glance. So anyway lets stop the chatter and here is my Cricut Cute Critters Bulk Make Christmas Cards video:-

Now as you can imagine the photos in this project are super important as it was hard to give you a proper showing of so many cards in the video. However that does mean there are a lot of photos but if you click on the first thumbnail (you need to click on them to see the whole image as the computer crops them down to a little thumbnail which doesn’t always show the whole photo) you can then just click the arrow, which will show up when you hover the mouse over the right hand side of the photo, to go to the next photo. You don’t need to keep clicking on the thumb, closing it and then clicking on the next thumbnail. I have tried to make it a lot easier than that for you:-

Finally just to remind you links to the products used in this project, inc the download of the actual project files, are listed below my signature here. I do try to make sure I list different companies that cover different countries too so do make sure you check them out for that. But otherwise that is it for this weeks marathon project, and hope you think it was worth the longer video (I did try to shorten it, but this was the best I could get from probably nearly 10hours of footage lol), see you next time, hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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  1. I can’t find the download link. In your blog it says it’s supposed to be under your signed name, but it’s not there. Could you please help me out with finding the link to the critters.

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