Hiya, today I have for you an elegant Christmas Shaker card featuring the lovely Woodlands die set by Tim Holtz and my Fuse Tool.

I wanted to give you a quicker video this week after last weeks marathon one. So as with all videos, it of course takes a lot longer to make in life than the length of the video, it was still a lot quicker than our Cricut Cards last week. I love making shaker cards and this time I wanted to go for a more elegant look than perhaps I would normally do for shakers. I think shakers tend to get you going to the bright fun colours and sparkles normally so I thought I would ‘shake’ it up – see what I did there lol !!

So here is my Tim Holtz Holiday Trees Fuse Shaker Christmas Card video:-

So there it is, a nice quick video and actually a pretty quick card to make too. This card style wise can definitely be changed up a lot to different sizes, colours and even occasions, But definitely a great one for bulk makes too. So as always here are the photos of the finished card for you, and as always don’t forget to click on the image to get the full size photo:-

So that is it for today, again if you are interested in any of the products used you will find the links below – please note there are usually several suppliers on each product and I try to ensure I do get suppliers that are not just in the UK to help those of you elsewhere. So please don’t assume if you are in the US for eg that these links wont work for you 🙂  Otherwise that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you next week for another project,

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Amanda Evans

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