Hiya, so today is the last Christmas video of the year and in fact I have made two cards for you in this video which features the Hunkydory Christmas Box Pops.

I thought these looked a fun 3D card and wanted to make one each for my Mummi and Papa. So I figured lets work out how to make them together as these things always sound simple but quite often the instructions are a little lacking in detail and it ends up a little trial and error. As you will see in the video on the whole we did ok but I think once constructed you could see a couple of the folds might have been better scored the opposite way, but otherwise no big mistakes which was good. So here is my Hunkydory Snowman & Rudolph Box Pop Cards video:-

So I think these turned out real fun bu as I said in the video it was real hard to show them properly on the camera so definitely make sure you check out these photos. As always don’t forget to click on the image to see it in full as the layout here will crop them down to fit on the page so you don’t see the whole photo til you click on it. If you click on the first one then you can use the arrows just to move forward without having to close and re-ope each time – or you can just click the play button and sit back and let the computer just take you through them automatically.

So that is it for this year, as always I have a little break from videos between Christmas and New Year although not a break from working as I try to do all those maintenance things that need doing and this year I am going to try and really finish off the last of the stuff that I have to sell on eBay, My room and lodge are now done so it is just the stuff to sell and we are done YAY!  Anyway have a great Christmas and New Year and will see you again very soon, hugs

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on Hunkydory Snowman & Rudolph Box Pop Cards

  1. They are very cute! I hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing what crafty and gaming goodness you bring us next year. Have a Happy Christmas Amanda, DaisyMae and family, see you in 2018!

    • thank you my lovely for always being such a loyal support. I appreciate it so much. Happy new year to you and yours xxx

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