Hiya, today it is that time of the month again for #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and this month I have one of my most popular Christmas videos for you, my Christmas Window Card.

TBTThumb Video

Normally when looking back at videos and deciding which one to pick for the #TBT I look for videos that have not necessarily got the highest numbers. Now all the older videos have good viewing figures but some have a lot more. With the way Youtube works the more views you get the more they promote it, so the more views that video will get so then it will get promoted even more, then more views etc etc etc. So those heavily viewed videos I usually leave as I think that you have probably watched it. But of course that is a big assumption as it is just as likely that the views have come from non subscribers so therefore I decided on this occasion to pick a Christmas video that has had nearly 14,000 views but that you still may not have seen, or on the other hand you may have seen but you might like to see again. Clearly it is well liked.  But anyway here, as always, is my introductory video to # TBT December Christmas Window Card video:-

Now I have the original Christmas Window Card video for you and I hope you enjoy, I actually re-watched it – I know I made it but I actually couldn’t remember it – and if I can’t it may be that even if you have seen it before it would be fun for you to watch again, I know I enjoyed it! Is that wrong to enjoy watching your own videos lol!

Now I only can seem to find one photo of the finished card, and none of the card that was shown at the beginning of the video that inspired this card. However I have hundreds and hundreds of card photos and so if in time I find any more I will of course add them in for you, but for now here is a the photo of the card in this # TBT December Christmas Window Card:

WMchristmas window card

So I hope you have enjoyed this months # TBT, and for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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  1. I did like the card and where did you find the snow I have tried to fine something that and here I can’t get it the card was b eautful

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