Hiya, today we have a bit of bonus Giveaway courtesy of the lovely Craft Box who are kindly contributing one of their fabulous June Craft boxes 🙂

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Anna, owner of Craft Box, had said a little while back that she would happily be part of my giveaway however when I tried to get hold of her a couple of weeks ago, for some reason my emails were not reaching her and her emails were not coming back to me. I think we were both accidentally having our emails go into the junk folder LOL!

Finally one of them as emails got through to me, luckily it was the one where Anna said that she would love to offer one of the June Craft Boxes as a giveaway if she wasn’t too late. All of this only happened today, but I emailed straight back and gratefully accepted the offer.

You know it’s all spookily good, V lolly giveaway video that was posted yesterday was actually meant to go up today but some weird techie thing when on and it posted itself a day early. That meant that I actually have no video for today, So although the lolly giveaway was meant to be the final one I did feel that getting Annas email we can offer of the craft box for a giveaway all seemed very much meant to be in the end because it meant my empty last day off my giveaway week could now be filled. And not only filled but filled with a fabulous fabulous gift, Said thank you out of craft books 🙂

So let’s first of all take a look at my very quickly made (apologies for the sound quality I had technical issues with the microphone–I forgot to switch it on LOL!) 10000 Subscriber Giveaway Craft Box video: –

So that the video all about the giveaway and now as I said in the video here are all the links to the Craft Box website and its social media: –


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Here are the recent Craft Box videos I made which should give you some idea of what a Craft Box is like and what you can do with it:

CBThumb Video NPThumb Video


So finally to clarify the rules, you need to leave a comment underneath the video on YOUTUBE not here to enter – only comments on Youtube will be included. You need to leave your comment by 00.00hrs (midnight) GMT on the 13th May 2016. The winners will be randomly picked over the weekend following and results given out on Monday 15th. All winners must contact me within 2 weeks of the result being drawn, if they do not then the prize will be redrawn and a new winner chosen. Finally all entrants must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel.  These ‘rules’ apply to all giveaways this week. You are free to enter as many, few or all of the giveaways as you wish, but in order to enter you must leave a comment on EACH video on YT that you wish to enter. One comment will not cover all 🙂  So that is it, good luck, thank you and enjoy!

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