Hiya, today I have a card for you that again was made some time ago – it is a gorgeous Sparkling New Year Masquerade Ball Stamped Card and I just think it’s a fabulous fun and back to the past type of New Year Party Card. Unfortunately somehow a lot of the video got lost when my old computer crashed sometime ago, this was before I got my iMac, and a being a constant issue it was the reason why I got my iMac which I am now in love with it! but moving on lol!. I asked you guys on Facebook whether you still wanted to see this video because basically the last part of the colouring section of the project was lost and ALL of the making of the card. I do however have lots of photos so you can see the finished result in great detail.

masquerade ball

Anyway despite this the overriding view on FB was that you would still like me to show this video and I felt it was a perfect video for New Year’s Eve, it is to me such a fantastic party card of old and I hope you agree and enjoy the Sparkling New Year Masquerade Ball Stamped Card video

And as always here are some photographs of the finished Sparkling New Year Masquerade Ball Stamped Card :-


mIMG_8136  mIMG_8133  mIMG_8125

mIMG_8132  mIMG_8127


mIMG_8124  mIMG_8123

Well I hope you enjoyed this video even though it was incomplete and I hope you liked the finish card and as always I would as always love to hear your comments. Unfortunately due to the loss of my video and actually the photos – luckily I managed to retrieve most of those, I do not have a list of the products used in this video. I will do my best to create as comprehensive a list as possible for you, and you will find that as always now down at the bottom of this post, with links directly to the items should you wish to purchase/

Finally some news just to let you know that I will be taking a short break from posting both video and photo posts (until 13th January) to have a couple of days break and then secondly to do a little bit of the catching up on my website in particular the shop, so hopefully when I come back you will see some difference in the website. But don’t forget in the meantime the website will still be up and running so you’re still be able to shop, look at past posts, look at the back catalogue of videos Etc Etc

So for now hugs and have a great craft day, see you again soon,

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Amanda Evans

10 Comments on Sparkling New Year Masquerade Ball Stamped Card

  1. Amanda, that has to be my most favourite card yet! She is absolutely stunning! It was fascinating watching the dress in particular being coloured, seeing how you got the shadows etc in there making it look so realistic, wonderful. Enjoy your break and Happy New year!

    • Thank you and glad you liked and this was clouded last year before I have started my classes – imagine what it will be like when I finish them lol xoxox

  2. I enjoyed watching the coloring of this stamped image. I was very nice to see the technique used in coloring it. What a beautiful card when all completed. It was nice to see the overall concept. Picking papers , theme, marker colors to coordinate. Thank you for sharing the beautiful work of art in this card!

    • Thank you Judy, and glad you enjoyed it. I was just sad that the end part of the video had got lost. But still it seems people still enjoyed it. hugs xxx

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