HIya, today I have something a little different for you. I wanted to have a little catch up with you guys but rather than me just sit and talk at you I thought I could be making a card as I talked so you have something to watch at the same time. And if you dont want to hear what I have to say and just want to see the cards you could always turn the volume down lol !

It had occurred to me that perhaps I was being somewhat ‘british’ in light of this world wide crisis and was just ‘keep calm and carrying on’ but of course you might have thought I was just being insensitive or just plain ignoring the situation. So this video is just a little chat about that and what I have been thinking about it all and also with regard to my channel.

BTW I know on YouTube you cant mention the ‘CV’ word and actually even the letters and that YouTube have actually been taking videos down. I dont think that would apply on my website but I do want to be cautious as I want you to hear my thoughts. So you will hear a bit in the editing that is ‘future Amanda’ as it were because I had completely edited and uploaded the video only to find out this information, so I had to delete it off youtube, re-edit and then needed to add a little extra bit that was not said at the time – ie future me lol! So I hope it will all make sense when you hear it, but anyway enough chatter here, here is my Lets chat and make two Stampin Up Baby Bear Cards video:-

So as always here are the photos of the finished project for you, and as always don’t forget to click on the image to get the full size photo, option for super sized and auto playthrough:-

So that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed and as always I would love you to leave me a comment as I always love to hear from you.

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But for now, thanks for watching, keep safe and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see but in the meantime I look forward to seeing you again next week, hugs and whatever else I hope you can relax just for a moment and have a great craft day 🙂


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Amanda Evans

8 Comments on Lets chat and make two Stampin Up Baby Bear Cards

  1. I don’t have that stamp set but have used a family member’s set. Love how you used the navy and the pinks. Too cute! It is good to hear how those in the U.K are handling things now. My husband and I are self isolating at home in Virginia in the US. He has health issues so we decided it was critical for us to do this. Having you and other bloggers doing videos has been wonderful for me. It has definitely helped take my mind off of things for awhile! Thanks Amanda!

    • my pleasure and sorry for the delay in replying but I think you have seen on my facebook why i am rather behind. luv n hugs xx

  2. Such sweet cards! You are the last person I would think of as an ice princess. I’ve been self isolating for 3 weeks now and lucky to be able to work from home. Love to you, your Mum and Dad…and of course Daisie!

  3. Glad to hear you and your family are keeping well Amanda. It’s such a crazy thing, we’re all quietly terrified of getting it and passing it on. The normal f. l. u. season always knocks me for six so i’m totally worried about it, but thankfully I have my YouTube creators like you to help me keep my mind off it a little and keep me a little sane. Keep on keeping on, hugs from afar, Karen (Australia)

    • Glad to have been of help then and please keep safe and try not to let it eat your mind up too much, not that i dont understand, hugs xx

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