Hiya, well it’s now nearly really over in that it is the day after Christmas day so I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope that you won one of my wonderful prizes for my wonderful sponsors. If you have don’t forget to get in touch as soon as possible so we can get your prizes sorted out for you.

However to today’s card, I have a simple classic card from Debbi Moore design. I just love Debbi Moore’s stuff and in particular her art deco designs. Today I have taken one of her art deco toppers of a lady that was in a circle design and turned it into a card. This is actually a very very simple card to make. All you need to do is take the topper and draw around it on a piece of card stock to make the back of the card or if you have a Cricut or Silhouette like me then measure the size of your circle and cut it out on one of them. I then simply scored about half an inch from the top of the circle and cut a small amount of the bottom of the circle to make a straight edge. This would then make it stable when it was standing up. I then put some tape on the top part of the circle we cut just above the scoreline and stuck it to the front of the card. This is the only part that is a little tricky, in that you have to be sure that the front and back match so that when the card is stood up it is standing up with the design straight.

Lastly I added some zig glue pen to certain areas on the Art Deco lady design, sprinkled with Crystal glitter, allowed to settle for a little while and then shook the excess glitter off, leaving a gorgeous glittery art deco lady design.

This design idea actually came from one of Debbi Moore’s own kits because she actually created a kit that was circle cards, so this gave me the idea to make my own version that I could then share with you how you could do it for this design and others. Anyway here are the photographs of our Debbi Moore Art Deco Lady Circle Card and some others I made from other toppers :-

  adIMG_3146  adIMG_3130

adIMG_3131  adIMG_8567


adIMG_8571  adIMG_8572

Anyway I hope you liked the card, I’d love to hear your comments but for now hugs have a great craft day, and see you very soon,

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Amanda Evans

5 Comments on Debbi Moore Art Deco Lady Circle Card

  1. Amanda
    I think the glamorus cards are just stunning. Love the glitz and glitter. They are really dramatic and just plain pretty in all their glorious colors. It’s wonderful to see something so realistic and so pretty.
    the colors are great and the makeup is great and all the sequins and sparkly things just look wonderful
    thanks for showing.

    • My pleasure my lovely Pat and glad you liked them. Sometimes its nice to do something simple – with a bit of sparkle of course lol! xxx

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