Hiya, today I have for you the first Christmas Card I made of the year and it was made and filmed right back in the height of the summer, and boy did we have a good summer this year – it makes me want the heat back. I am such a summer girl. Although I do love snow and Christmas. For some reason I forgot all about it! ugh ! how could I !?! Anyway I have for this card that was made using of course my favourite product for card and toppers etc – Hunkydory. I just saw these sheets and fell in love with this little teddy bear from Hunkydory Christmas Cuties. The design inspiration kinda came from the Hunkydory Magazine but then I just adapted and added to it myself and we ended up with this.

Hunkydory snowbear easel shaker

Anyway as always with a video post I have the video first followed by the photos. So enjoy the Christmas Hunkydory Snow Bear Shaker Easel Card :-

And now for the photos of our Christmas Hunkydory Snow Bear Shaker Easel Card  :-


tIMG_7153  tIMG_7155

tIMG_7161  tIMG_7165

tIMG_7166  tIMG_7177

tIMG_7179  tIMG_7175


Well I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have enjoyed this first Christmas week with our bonus post. And dont forget to tune in next week for the launch of the challenge and to see what our wonderful sponsors are offering as prizes. But for now have a great craft day and hugs,

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Amanda Evans

6 Comments on Christmas Hunkydory Snow Bear Shaker Easel Card

  1. Amanda as usual your site is beautifully done and I love the falling snow. Oh I’m so happy you got into doing this as to me it adds so much fun for the season. It just fits all the glitter, ornaments, colors and the whole festive Christmas season. It is so timely and works so well. You know how much I love glitz and glitter. It has it’s place and what better time than Christmas. I use it all the time when I do a card. I always find a reason for glitter. Sparkle that’s what it is. I love sparkle. when I pass a jewelry store and look at the diamonds it’s the sparkle that gets me. How they sparkle all colors and with the slightest movement. I love it and I’m drawn to it like a bee to flowers. It really makes me happy. I love that your little snow flakes are different in size too. It just makes it perfect. Love how you’ve decorated your place. Very warm and homey. A happy place to come too. thank you for all your efforts to create a beautiful place to come and see such lovely art.

    • Ahh thank you my lovely Pat for coming over to take a look and Im so glad you like it – I had a feeling it might be ‘right up your street’ as we say 🙂 I too love diamonds, I keep telling my Mum and Dad that and over the years have been fortunate in some beautiful jewellery for special birthdays etc. A young girl, and that is her only saving grace, once asked if she could swap my crystal necklace for hers! She was serious too she had no idea they were real, and that was definitely her age because as you say you can’t help but be drawn to a diamond with the fire in its belly sparkling right up at you. And I think on the whole it would have to be a pretty good crystal to fake that kind of sparkle dont you think? Anyway my lovely thank you so much for all your lovely comments and compliments, hugs to you 🙂 xoxo

  2. Hello Amanda. Merry Christmas to you and all those that you hold dear. I have been absent from cardmaking for a while, but look forward to getting back to it in the New Year. Your posts are the BEST !!!!!

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