Hiya, So today’s card I made a while back, last Christmas in fact and I dutifully took the photos ready to share with you, at that time, on my Facebook, and promptly forgot! Go figure! lol! Well earlier I was hunting through my photos on my Mac to find the photo to go with this months #TBT and came across these and thought I just have to share it with you. I remember making it and it was so pretty, much more so in life because you really cannot capture the amount of sparkle and glisten there was on this card. I used actual little crystal, the kind you throw all over the tables at weddings for decoration, in the shaker and it just was like fire in there. And the card itself was covered in sparkle and glitter. And of course the final touch for really adding that Christmassy feel was the little bells – these came off the Lindt Chocolate Bunny lol – one of my few recycles. Im not really into that just cos as a rule I think that if someone buys a card from me and there is  stuff that you have recycled on it, some people can get funny about it. But in this instance it just was so perfect for the card that I really didn’t think it was an issue. This was a commission card and I knew that the lady wouldn’t mind if she even realised. She gave me the verse to add to the card and basically I was told nothing could be too much on the sparkle sense. Also you can’t really tell from the photos but it was a big card, about 8×8 with an acrylic dome for the shaker part, which looked incredible. You can imagine the lady paid a reasonable amount for it. I am never cheap on my commissions. I know Im such a big head sorry 🙁 But I don’t take very many and they are always for elaborate special cards and I do charge for that. Anyway here it is and hopefully you can get an idea of what it was like because as I said the photos that I take now are better and I think this is a good demo of what difference a year makes 🙂


And some close ups:-

  IMG_4628w  IMG_4625wm



And then to finish it off I made a lovely box for it – well I had a feeling it might struggle to fit in a regular envelope – BTW if you would like to see how to make an Easy Peasy box send me a message or leave a comment 🙂


So I hope you liked this card and I hope you could get a sense of how sparkly it was, the pictures just do not do it justice sadly, I think I could have got it a bit better now with all the new equipment but sadly the card is long gone from me. Anyway hugs from me and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

4 Comments on Debbi Moore Christmas Art Deco Dancers Shaker Card

  1. Amanda this card is so sparkly that its like wonderful candy and I just want to eat it. Her hat is so sparkly and the whole card is on fire with sparkle. I love it. Look at all those sparkling jewels at the bottom all glittery and just all over and the colors in the drawing are so rich and add more to the effect. Her costume is fantastic and the pink feathers and red ribbon with the gold bells all add to the excitement of the ballroom and dancers. I love seeing the snowflakes float over their bodies while they are lost in their dance. That hat really grabs me. I’d love a hat like that. They are a handsome couple lost in their ballroom dancing and transform us into a fantasy atmosphere that is full of joy and happiness and lots of sparkle. LOVE it. Love all the Decorations you’ve been inspired to use for the Holidays. Your house is alive with art, color and magic.

    • Thank you I love Debbie Moore stuff, it just asks to be sparkled and that is just perfect, I love my sparkle! I think I know someone else like that :-)) xoxo Thank you as always for your lovely words and I hope you will be here tomorrow for my big launch and that you will take part ? xxx

  2. I agree with the comment by Patricia P. I would have loved to have seen it in real life because I can imagine how beautiful it must have been. The camera just don’t do those kinds of cards justice, but even if it looked like it does in pictures (in real life), it’s still incredibly beautiful!!! Can’t get too much sparkle! Great job, Amanda!

    • Thank you sweet, Im really disappointed myself now that I didn’t have it on film but I dont think I was filming so much then as this card was made a while back now. Thanks for the lovely comments, hugs xxx

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