Hi everyone, well today is the first Wednesday of the month so it is Silhouette Seminar time. Today we are going to be taking a look at probably one of the most used, and in many ways the most difficult, techniques in card making – Mat and Layering. Now I know it might seem strange to say it is a difficult technique when for the most part it is just cutting rectangles that go down in size. But therein lies the problem – if you cut it just slightly off it sticks out like a sore thumb. Hence where the Silhouette comes in. Lets use our technology to make this quick and easy to do not only for rectangles but for an infinite types of shape too. So we that means it is Silhouette Seminar No 7 Mat n Layering .

So I have decided to do this today because it fits really nicely between the single layer cuts that we have been looking at the last couple of months and the multi layer cut we will be looking at next time. The Mat and Layer  in many ways is both a single and multi layer cut all at the same time. You are just cutting one shape to create your cut, you just need to cut it several times at slightly different sizes to create the layering you want. However that layering is what makes it also a multi layer cut, just not a very complicated one. Hence why I felt this was a perfect transition cut for between our single layer cut seminars and the multi layer cut ones to come.

So as always I have put the video below for you, followed by a couple of photos and then all the other Silhouette Seminars so you can revisit or watch anew. So here it is – Silhouette Seminar No 7 Mat n Layering  :-

Here are our Mats:-


IMG_7885  IMG_7884

So below is all the previous Silhouette Seminars for you,




I hope that you enjoy the series and are finding it helpful? I would love hear if there is anything you would like to cover, look at again or just if you have a question. You are welcome to leave a comment below or if you prefer it to be a PM then go to the message me flag on the right of the page here and send me your message. Have a fabulous craft day, Hugs,

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