Hi all, I thought it would nice to go back to a lot of our roots and perhaps back to where some of our newbies are at the moment, and dig out some stickers and make some fun simple sticker cards. What I wanted to show to newbies out there that by doing a couple of really simple things you can take the simple sticker card up to that next level in your crafting. So I have 3 bright fun and funky cards for you. I have started off with the simple sticker card and then moved on each time with an extra but simple technique. So the first one I have for you I literally found a bright card base and stuck the stickers on to create my design. The sheet had a fun border too so I think that just added a little more structure to the card:



Next before adding my stickers I added to the card base a couple of strips of card in different bright colours to create a fun base for my stickers. This is really I guess the pre-cursor to matting and layering. You have that matting effect with out the stress of being sure it is all perfectly square:


And my last card I first  mixed it up by using a different shaped card, This is a really good technique to make your card look a little bit different to the rest. Next I stuck my stickers down on a separate piece of card that I had cut in a rectangle shape that roughly matched that of my card just slightly smaller. But again unlike the traditional matting and layering, because of what I was planning to do next it did not matter if it was perfect. I then stuck my stickers around the edge of the rectangular piece of card to create almost like a frame. You will see in the picture that the card I used for this was a lovely warm shaded yellow moving from darker to lighter which again adds that little something extra. Once done I cut around the edge of my stickers (outside of the rectangle only) leaving a small margin around the actual edge of the stickers. This created that lovely ‘topper’ which I then attached to the front of the card and that was it, all done. So this one was really a simple version of matting and layering but using the stickers to remove the worry of the mat being that perfect rectangle,. Oh and btw I did mat and layer a little yellow card but if you are not yet confident you don’t need to do that for this card to look great:

DCF 1.0


So I hope that has helped some new crafters out there see that even the humble sticker card can with a few clever little tricks be made into that something a little bit more fancy. For the rest of you that are already experienced I hope it has inspired you to get your sticker box back out – I have to say it was really fun getting back to our roots. Have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

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