Hiya today I thought I would share with you my New Kirstie Allsopp Cuttlebug. I thought it would be useful to add a cuttlebug to my collection so that I have the three main die cutting machines so that when we do work I am able to let you know the relevant ‘sandwiches’ for each machine. It also so happens that the Kirstie Allsopp cuttlebug is super cute 🙂  Now I don’t know if those of you outside of the UK have heard of Kirstie or even if you will get this version of the cuttlbug however the machines themselves do not change it is only its ‘livery’ that is different.  However if you are interested to know a little more about her click on the link here for her web page. So the video is just taking a look at what you get in your new cuttlebug’s box and a quick look at how it works to emboss and to cut / emboss. To emboss I used the Kirstie Allsopp embossing folder included in the pack. However the pack does not include the C plate which is the plate you really need to cut other brands of dies with your cuttlebug – this is a cuttlebug thing not peculiar to this Kirstie Allsopp design. So because I didn’t have the C plate I decided to do a test cut using my Anna Griffin dies that are made by  provocraft so can cut fine with the plates inc in the pack.  So here is the video and I hope you enjoy taking a look at my new Kirstie Allsopp Cuttlebug:-

A few photos for you:

IMG_7652   kaIMG_7653

kaIMG_7654   kaIMG_7650

So I hope you enjoyed having a look at my new cuttlebug and I look forward to seeing you again next time,

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Amanda Evans

7 Comments on My New Kirstie Allsopp Cuttlebug

  1. Amanda I can see why you fell in love..it is so cute. the colors are so soft and pastel. It is you …good luck with your newest tool to play with.
    We love our tools don’t we. I know I do too

    • Oh yes Pat we certainly love our machines – I particularly love the die cutting machines and I wanted to be able to confidently say all about the 3 most popular machines and how they would be used with a particular die etc xx

  2. Hi Amanda, I have my old bright green and cream cuttlebug and it is a tough little bugga! Many a time I’ve forced through stuff and been amazed, you should see how bent some of my B plates are! lol. I recently got a Cheery Lynn Crossover machine as it cuts bigger than the 6inch opening in the cuttlebug, and I thought I’d be giving my cuttlebug away, but I have to agree with you, it’s handy to take places and to use in a pinch when you only need to cut/emboss something small. Love the colours of this one, I was expecting it to have some designs on it though, was a bit surprised it’s just plain colours. Enjoy your new toy (tool)! :o)

    • They are acute aren’t they and Yes I suppose you mean like the big shot teal version that has some patterning on it as well as the pretty colour combo. I actually rather like having the clean cut look for a change and I can always add some vinyl I guess. I haven’t heard of the cheery lynn machine I will have to google it and see what you mean, hugs xx

  3. I just got my Cuttlebug & was annoyed when I saw whay happened to the plate. Wasn`t until watching this that I realised its norma. Going toget an embossing mat & C plate.

  4. kirsty allsop cuttlebug. hi i bought one of these today and love it, however ive noticed a piece of cardboard where the rollers are. is this packaging or should i leave it there. thanks x

    • All cardboard should be removed – but are you sure its cardboard and not the rollers showing through? sorry for asking this but I didn’t want you pulling at something unless we were sure 🙂

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