Hi all, So this is the final pages of the Elegant Edges Mini Album Series. At last we have reached the penultimate stage of this album and are on our final pair of pages. After this  all we have left after this is the finishing i.e. putting it in it’s rings using my cinch and maybe adding a little decoration to the binding. I will have to see how it looks when it is finally completed to decide on that one I think. And of course we have one more job after that and that of course is the give-away of this album – well if you want it that is? Do you think you might want it? Let me know do you want me to put it up for a giveaway?

Anyway back to today and the video – as before I have repeated below this episode, all the previous episodes so if you haven’t seen them in a while, or have missed them altogether you can catch up before watching this one. So here goes and don’t forget to check out the photos of the finished pages that I have popped under this video. Enjoy 🙂


eeIMG_7679  eeIMG_7685

eeIMG_7684  eeIMG_7681

eeIMG_7686  eeIMG_7690

eeIMG_7693  eeIMG_7689


Hope you enjoyed and please comment as I do love to hear from you and of course please share if you are enjoying this Elegant Edges Mini Album Series. Have a great craft day,

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