Hi all, today I have a video of a card that is a little different for me, in fact I don’t think if you checked back you would find one other card that I’ve made like it. However it isn’t some radical new technique or anything but just some stamping using the wonderful Tim Holtz Distress Markers.  I have to admit, much to my surprise, I really really enjoyed using them and I created for you a gorgeous distress marker stamped flower card.

I have always shied away from that sort of crafting, it is the one area that I haven’t really dipped my toe in, and I think that is because I do like ‘clean’ crafting as it were. If you think about my main crafting style it is to use the die cutting machine and dies, creating something very precise and something that doesn’t get ink all over me. I don’t do well with inky fingers lol! But I had seen quite a few videos and projects using the distress markers and I really liked what I saw. It wasn’t all this ripped up,vintage looking cards – that I love the look of but didn’t like making. But these cards were bright yet soft stamped cards or various other techniques and it so I got my markers out and had a go.

Now in todays post you will of course have the video, plus I have added the video by Kristina Werner that was my inspiration for this card. And finally there are some more photos for you inc one of the colours I used so if you missed it in the video that should have you covered. I put hose ones at the top here to help 🙂

IMG_7138  IMG_7135

So to todays video:

And as promised here is Kristina’s video that inspired this card – thx Kristina 🙂

And finally the photos:-


IMG_7145  IMG_7143

IMG_7142  IMG_7144

I really liked it and I hope you do too, I know I could have got to the end result a lot quicker than I did (I edited a HUGE amount of stuff out of the video cos it took about 2 hours!) but experience will get me there and in the middle I will have fun learning.  And just before I go, just to say that I would like to enter this into the Crafting from the Heart Challenge 31. Anyway have a great craft day and please leave me comments on here rather than youtube if you can cos I love to look like I am really popular lol!

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4 Comments on Stamped Distress Flower Card

  1. At first I was thinking how ugly. I know, not nice of me. But as you went on with the card and I saw how the stamp set builds on itself I ended up thinking what a great card you ended up with. I turned out very beautiful! Great job for your first attempt. You looked like you have been using these markers for a long time.

    • LOL that is fab that you thought it ugly, but I so get what you mean cos I was kinda thinking uh oh is this gonna work out ok, glad you liked it in the end 🙂

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