Hi All,  Today I thought I would share with you a couple of cards I made using the gorgeous Saturated Canary ‘Kisses’ image. Such a cute character, but then aren’t all of Krista’s images 🙂 I coloured the characters onto 350 gsm card stock and then lined the inside to hide the bleed through. I used my Copic markers and I have a photo of the exact pens I used on each image. Don’t forget that if you click on the photos you get the image enlarged and then you can click again for supersize too so you can get real close to my colouring – no pointing out if I went outside the lines lol! So I did one image with white skin tones and the other with dark skin tones. I hadn’t attempted that before but thanks to some advice on markers to use from a lovely lady on Krista Smith’s Facebook page I gave it a go. I hope you like the outcome. So to the photos of Card 1:-



IMG_3756v2                 IMG_3751v2


IMG_3752v2  IMG_3754v2


IMG_3757v2  IMG_3755v2



And then onto Card 2:-


IMG_3936v2                     IMG_3937v2


IMG_3941v2  IMG_3943v2


So thats the cards for today and I would love to hear what you think of them and maybe see some of your cards of ‘kisses’ too if you have her 🙂 See you next time and have a great craft day,

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    • thank you hun, that is so sweet. It is the first time I have done darker skin tones too. I saw a lady do it on SC Facebook page and asked her what she used. Sadly I couldn’t find her again to link it in here, hugs xoxo

    • thank you, I love them too so you will find quite a few already on here either as videos or posts, plus more to come. BTW check out the redonkadoodles ones on here. If you love SC then you may find these will be to your taste too 🙂

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