Hi all, I thought today I would post a gorgeous photo project for you – Saturated Canary ‘Pack Light’ Card.  As I’m sure most of you do, I lurrve Saturated Canary images and am guilty of pretty much purchasing any and all I can. I am particularly fond of the digi version of Krista’s images cos it gives you so much scope as to the sizing of your image.  So for this project I used the gorgeous ‘pack light‘ image, which is this sweet faced angel trying to get everything bar the kitchen sink in her case. I used my Copic Markers to colour her as I just love colouring the SC images in alcohol markers and all the blending you can achieve. As always I used a million colours but of course you could simplify it easily enough I’m sure.

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I wanted to make her fun and colourful and wanted to use a really bright pink but was stuck for my other main colour. However when I started doing her hair as you can see below some orange tones started to come into it. So that gave me that other colour.  I then put together the papers from my ‘K and Co’ paper annual pack (don’t know what year I’m afraid). And finally picked out a gorgeous spellbinder die to finish off the basis of the design. All the frills and pretties I would decide on and add as I went along.


IMG_7721    IMG_7722   IMG_7792


So finally the finished card, hope you like it, leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂


IMG_7828   IMG_7829   IMG_7839

blankIMG_7838   IMG_7832

IMG_7833   IMG_7830   IMG_7831


The insert of the card I did in the bright pink just to add that pop of colour but feel of luxury to the card. I love how an insert always makes a card feel so much more glamourous. And then on the back I just added a piece of citrus orange with the pre-embossed pattern on it. I love a card to have a feeling of being finished on all sides. After all the back is often the first side the recipient sees as they take the card out of the envelope.

blankIMG_7841    IMG_7842


So see you tomorrow with a video, until then have a great craft day,

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