Hello my little Lolli-ettes, How are you all? what a lovely sunny day it is here in the New Forest. Sun warm on your face, birds singing and sunlight dappled all through the trees. Beautiful. We are fortunate that around here there is so much wild life. As a lot of you know that follow me regularly I have a lot of videos filmed way in advance and I made this video late last summer. The lovely lavender of the card just seemed so appropriate for this time of year when looking at all those pretty little flowers popping their heads up through the soil to show off their delicate pretty blooms.  So today will be a video showing you how I made this commissioned card where my instructions were ‘no holds barred’ and ‘go for it’ so we have for you a beautiful, over the top, Pearl and Lavender & Lace Vintage Style Card.



You might notice that quite a bit of the decoration on the card is product that I have in my shop. I think it makes such a difference to see it on a card, in a moving video where you can really see the dimension and how the light catches etc, So just to help you I have put the links below to those products. It just shows what I promised you, that the products that will be in my shop are things that I use myself. So hope you enjoy the video and hopefully a little retail therapy too, And btw I ship to most countries and all shipping is calculated on weight and you can pop things in your basket and then ask for the shipping costs all prior to any commitment to buy. So you can make your purchase fully informed on the cost and have no hidden extras. And I think you might be pleasantly surprised by the shipping cost and also don’t forget that as the shipping is on weight you can often add more to the shopping bag without the shipping costs changing. Anyway have fun weekend and I will see you next week,

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Shop Product List:

Decorative Stick Pins

Swirl Embellishment -Pearl and Crystal

Self Adhesive Pearls

Pinflair Glue Gel





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