Hiya, today I am super excited to bring to you a fabulous Stamp & Die set to you from Altenew plus their fascinating Builder Stencils.

So todays video is sponsored by Altenew as they kindly provided me with the product used. Specifically the Build a Flower Peruvian Lily set and the two Builder Stencils. This came about as I thought I would take a chance and approach Altenew to see if they would sponsor a video of mine. To be honest this really was on the off chance and kinda on the basis of ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’ but expecting a no since Altenew have a design team. However much to my surprise they immediately said yes and not only that, I got to choose the product I would like to use. So since I absolutely love the Altenew Build a Flower sets and have been looking at the Peruvian Lily set since it launched a short while ago and  I also loved the look of the Builder Stencils (cube, weave etc) I immediately picked these. I have to say I am incredibly grateful to Altenew and really appreciate them saying yes. It is hard as an independent, having to do this all myself so it is so lovely that one of my favourite companies was happy to take a chance on me. I would also like to add there was no conditions put upon me (other than a date to have the video done by) so all opinions in this video are entirely my own. However I am sure those of you that follow me regularly already know I do love Altenew and clearly you guys too as they are some of my most popular videos.

So anyway I hope you will like this one as much as I do, it was actually not hard at all to make the flowers. I know that some of you do worry about the layering stamps and how to fit the layers together. On that basis I have shown this, as I have on previous videos, so I hope that will help you but also do not get too worried if the layers are not absolutely perfect it really has quite a margin of movement and it usually looks fine in the end. So even if you think you have made a boo boo, persevere to the end because you will probably find it looks fine. But anyway here is my Altenew Peruvian Lily & Weave Builder Birthday Card video:-

So that is the card, didn’t it turn out so gorgeous? My mum loved it so much she has already requisitioned it for a friends birthday! lol! Now as always we come to the photos, first I have the photos of the two photos of the Peruvian Lily that I used as inspiration and the inks that I used in the project (although they are listed below my signature in the product links section in the large size and in their cube sets for you). Then I will follow that with photos of the finished card. Now don’t forget to click on the photos to see them in full as the gallery feature will sometimes chop them down to fit in the grid here 🙂

So that is it for today, other than to say that links to the products used are listed down below my signature as always and also to thank Altenew again for their sponsorship of this video. I hope you all enjoyed and liked the finished card, but otherwise for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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