Hiya, today I have for you a lovely Floral Print n Cut Cricut Card. I was just playing on design space and came across a gorgeous pattern paper and the card just came about from that.

I really wanted to use this lovely pattern and then as I hunted for something to use it with I came across these lovely Flowers by Anna Griffin and although it is a pretty simple card I think it uses a few different Cricut Design Space techniques that are easy to do but maybe you have not really explored yet. If you have then I am sure you will still enjoy the video and I hope either way you will like the finished card. Now just to add this is going to be my Mums birthday card (which is some way off yet – 1st Jan). So I have not mentioned that this card is for mum on the video as I learnt my lesson from a previous video where she saw, but luckily did not twig, her mothers day card. So here is my Cricut Anna Griffin Floral Print n Cut Card video:-

Now here as always are some photos of the finished card:-

So that is it for today, other than to mention that the download for this design is in my store for you, so if you don’t want to worry about actually designing it yourself but would like to make the card then it is there for you. The link I have added to the product links below, however do not that there are number of cricut downloads in the store for you so do take a peek and see if there are any others you fancy. The process is really simple and all explained on each design download page, but do note you need to own the images in order to actually cut them. However like all the designs that cricut do, you will see the design and it is when you go to the make it that it will tell you what images you need to purchase, but don’t forget once you have the design you can customise it and replace the images you need to purchase with ones you already own.  So that is it for today, hope you enjoyed but for now have a great craft day,

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