Hiya, today I have for you a video showing a good selection of the latest die release from Sue Wilson inc the promised stitched detail!

Now as always the release was fabulous and included dies and stamps. I had ordered a good selection of the whole release so you will get a good view of the whole launch. Now if you recall I passed on mine and your request for more stitched detailing on the dies. About a month or more after I put in our request Sue told me that I should look at for this collection and that she hoped we would like it. It was a big tease and one I was not able to pass on to you – sorry. But now it is here and I do not think, if you were one of the ones wanting more stitched detail, that you will be disappointed. Please do leave Sue messages and love in the comments below and I will make sure she sees them. It would be great to have lots of lovely comments and suggestions / requests for her.  But for now here is my Sue Wilson September 2017 New Die Launch video:-

Now as promised in the video here is the link to Sue’s blog: Particraft

So that is it for todays post, the launch being so new it has been hard to find locations where the dies are yet being sold but I have put the links as best I can below. But for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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