Hiya, today I have a cute puppy dog card for you, made using the Simon Says Stamp Pawsome bundle.  I was keen to make a stamped card this time as I really wanted to do a little colouring with you all, but also I wanted to go for a more CAS looking card.

When making cards for all of you lovely Lolliettes, I try to mix up my style and techniques to create variety. Clearly I can’t cover every style and technique, and obviously we all favour some more than others, but the overall plan is to try to really stick to my unwritten mission statement of creating paper craft projects using a great variety of styles, genres and techniques. So when looking at that statement I realised that two styles in particular stuck out through their absence:- Shabby Chic and CAS (Clean & Simple). Now you would have seen a few Shabby Chic cards recently not least the which was my beautiful (even if I do say so myself) baby cards. So today I wanted to focus on the CAS style and also some colouring which I thought might be a good as a CAS style card would likely be a much simpler colour, which is good for those less confident at colouring. So here is my Simon Says Stamp Pawsome Stamped Shaker Card video:-

So I hope you liked the card and that you enjoyed the video.  As always I have a load of photos for you. I have popped them just a little lower down for you as I just wanted to go off at a slight tangent. If you are not interested in my tangent chat then just ignore the text between the two lines. I thought that would make it easy to jump if you want to 🙂

You see as well as thinking about the card styles I have also been thinking a little more about my videos. As you may recall some time back I explained that, due to my work with the lodge, that the videos would be reduced to once a week for now. You therefore might be wondering why they are therefore still only once a week since I have clearly finished the lodge – and you guys have the videos to prove it lol. Well you see when I emptied my room and all the other places I had migrated my craft stuff too, it became apparent I was going to have to have a massive clear of my bedroom too. So I emptied the whole room and all the other rooms & loft where I had put my things when I had no where else to put them due to all the craft! As I emptied it all, I sorted it into keep, sell or chuck away. At the same time sorting the keeps into categories too e.g. books together, DVDs together etc.  However in the middle of me doing all this, my dad decided (or should I say mum decided and made dad think it was all his plan lol) it was a good opportunity to re-decorated my whole room – papering, painting etc.  It looks gorgeous. We also got all new linens and soft furnishings too. I’m waiting on the curtains, which are being made, and then I will put all the rest of it out and take a photo to post on instagram. So all I need to do now is get the storage bins (going to ikea next week when I go up to apple store for my phone) which means I can then put those last items away in the cupboards, then apart from the soft furnishings etc the room will be done. After that all that needs to be done, and it is quite a big job in itself, is to put all of the craft items I’ve still got to sell (I’ve already sold  loads) onto eBay. Once that is all done I am in position where I will have my proper full time hours back and so will be able to go back to twice weekly videos. The plan is that one video will be under 15 mins and the other one will be my usual longer chatting style. I hope that this will then keep everyone happy. I would not want to change having the longer videos as you guys that have been with me a long time would have followed me on the back of those kind of videos so I would not take it away. But I do want to accommodate those that don’t prefer that by doing the second video under 15 mins.

Now as always I took quite a few photos, I do like to be sure you get to see every bit of the cards, and I think you can do that much easier on photos. So the best way to view the photos is to click on the first one to enlarge it to the correct proportions and then either click play and let the system slide through them all, or just click the arrow for the next image when you are ready. Also don’t forget that you can click to enlarge even more if you really want to get up close and personal lol!

Finally all the links for the products used are, as always, are below my signature. As it says in the header to the links these do contain affiliate links. Basically this means if you click that link and then make a purchase from that online store (even if it is not the product you clicked) then I get a small commission, at no cost to you. Every time you do this it helps me to keep making the videos as a full time job.  Also to explain, in case you don’t know, with the videos themselves, each time you watch one of my videos I get a tiny little payment. So the more of my videos you watch, or if you have crafty friends if they can watch, then the more I get at the end of the month. As you know I don’t really mention this normally on videos or posts however I can’t say I have reached the stage of making a living from this yet which is why I thought I would do a little self promotion here lol!

Anyway that is it for todays video, I hope you enjoyed it and liked the card. If you did I would love to hear from you as I do love to hear your comments. Otherwise thank you for watching, see you again soon and finally have a great craft week,

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Amanda Evans

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    • Hi sweetie, glad you liked the card and yes I was thinking I should do more of this style, and the shabby chic too, mix it up a bit plus I liked it actually. Not sure what you mean about crafting with us again though? I checked back and just looking at the last 15 posts, 10 of them have been craft projects, the others were haul videos and one bake date?!? hugs xx

    • Glad you made it over to here, there is always the extras on this posts, on each video on YouTube I always put a link to the post like this where you find all these extra pictures et cetera. Love and hugs XXX

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