Hiya, todays video is from some footage I just found in the archives from back in 2011. I havent edited this before or shown it to you guys. I used a lovely Crafters Companion Flower Fairy stamp and painted it up to make a pretty A5 card.

I certainly can see I have come a long way, so I hope you will forgive the technology and actually I think my craft skill have moved onwards and upwards too, but maybe its just me. Anyway I did think about whether to edit it and post it as I did have some new footage of a some baby cards I just made for a commission – one of my A class customers who wants it to be all out. Actually it is for the same customer, and in fact the same recipient (although I don’t know them of course as Im making the cards for someone else to give) as for my Nursery card. Although I have a feeling that is one haul of an edit and it was a massive commission. Anyway I had that ready to edit etc and then found this and took the decision to share this one with you instead. I hope I made the right choice, but I figured you could still enjoy the idea of it even if the footage isn’t perfect. So enough chatter here it is my Crafters Companion Painted Stamped Flower Fairy Card video:

Now I don’t have any photos of the card and the card itself of course is long ago sold on, so unusually I don’t have a load of photos to share or even product details. So really all there is left to say and do is to wish you all happy crafting, send you big hugs and say see you again soon,

Amanda Evans

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