Hiya, Today we have a fun Christmas Card for you, using my Cricut Explore and strangely the Birthday Bash Cartridge!

I think the card shows that you can take images or cuts and use them different to how they were intended and it still looks good. I hope that thought alone might get you looking at the images in a different way – it certainly did me.  This is the first Christmas Card of this year,  I thought I would get in early and start my Christmas Card videos in a timely manner so you had a chance to take them as inspiration if you so wished. I hope you will find that helpful and of course enjoy my Cricut Explore Octopus Christmas Card video:-

So there is the video, wasn’t he cute? My mum loved the card but was like what has an octopus got to do with Christmas?So  I wondered what do you think of cards that the image doesn’t really match the theme? I don’t think it matters, its hardly a realistic image after all, I mean how many present carrying Octopi have you come across lately? well quite me too loads of course!!!!  loL!  I just think it is a fun card but tell me if you think it matters. So as always here are the photos for you, don’t forget to click on them to make them larger 🙂

So that is it for today, but just to remind you that I have put the project cut files in my store for you, you find the link with the other product links below my signature here. Otherwise for now, hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on Cricut Explore Octopus Christmas Card

  1. I think it’s very cute and totally reads as Christmas 🙂 Glad to see you’re creating again, must mean you got all the excess products sorted. I would never have thought that an octopus and Christmas go together but they sure do here 😉

    • Thanks for that feedback, was curious what other people thought. Mum loved the card but she just didnt get it initially. Once I explained it didnt mean anything it was just fun – oh and she put her glasses on and saw the presents lol she thought it was cute. But it got me thinking what do other people think of non traditional images on cards. As for finishing everything and getting all the excess sorted haha and ha lol! I didnt even get to that part of the job yet! When I moved all my stuff into the lodge as you say I had a pile of stuff to sell, but I also had a big mess in my room. I wanted to sort it the same as I did the lodge so my living space is lovely and organised too, but then I thought well while I am properly sorting stuff I really ought to drag all my stuff (books, dvd’s, other crafts such as wool and stitching stuff) down from the loft, out of my dads study and sort all that too so it is turned out in to another huge job – after doing the lodge too so its tiring but will feel so good when its done. Actually my dad is going to redecorate my room when I am at a point that it is cleared up enough. Right now there are piles here and there all around that are being sorted. And I have taken over the conservatory with all the stuff I am going to sell !!! OH my it feels like it will never be done lol! Heck I am going to go play a game lol! No not really only play those in evenings xx

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