Hiya, today I have a really elegant card for you made using some gorgeous Anna Griffin papers and some Acetate. I know acetate is a favourite of you all so I hope you like this one which I think is just a little different for acetate and Anna Griffin.

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So for todays card I took a 6″ square pre-scored card and made a large square aperture in the front approx 4 1/2″ square so leaving approx frame measuring 3/4″ deep. I think that is really the max you can do as otherwise you frame is just too weak, although the acetate on the back and across the aperture will help a lot. I then added a piece of acetate cut at 5 3/4″ square to the inside front of the card, and then finally again on the inside front of the card I added a piece of the Anna paper that I was going to be using as a frame to cover where the acetate was stuck down.

Now we get to the decorating of the card, which actually is pretty simple. Firstly I took a blue floral piece of the Anna paper and stuck it to the inside back of the card so this would show through the acetate aperture on the front. If you decide to leave a small margin of the original card around the edge just make sure it does not come inside the size of the front aperture.

Then I took another piece of Anna floral paper and cut by hand a lot of the flowers out. These days however I would probably use my Silhouette and Pixscan mat and let that do the work for me. If you haven’t seen the Pixscan working click HERE for the video I made about it.

I then took some gold Mirri board and punch a number of leaves from a Martha Stewart Punch and I was ready to assemble  the front of my card. So normally I would fiddle around placing the elements before sticking them down, but this time I just went with the flow and just stuck things down as I went without pre-planning it. I think it turned out ok.

Then finally I added a Happy Birthday sticker to the centre of the acetate which makes it look like the sentiment is floating. So that is it, my Anna Griffin Floral Acetate Card :-

Well I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this card, I know in the past you have always enjoyed the acetate cards and the Anna cards so I figured one combining the both has to be a winner, but for now hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

2 Comments on Anna Griffin Floral Acetate Card

  1. So Pretty, Amanda, as always..I LOVE AG too…hope you did a you tube on this one..I haven’t worked with acetate yet but will…hope your doing well and everything is GOOD! blessings, Victoria

    • Hi Vicki hun, no Im afraid no video on this one. I do one post a week where it is just a photo post and no video. And at the moment quite a few of my photo posts are working through an old folder of photos I found on my computer with cards I made ages ago. They dont always have the number or quality of photos that I would have now but I figure it is still fun to take a look at them. Glad you liked this, I thought this would show a different way to use the anna griffin papers because these days she mostly does pre-made kits but back when I made this card it was all papers. I thought I can’t be the only one to have the paper from her. Hugs xx

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