Hiya, today I have a card that is as a result of a number of questions from you, my lovely Lolliettes, about how to make a card similar in style to my Christmas Panorama Card but without using dies.So the video not only shows you how to make the Concertina Card Base, but also how you can use acetate as a foundation to build something similar to that Tattered Lace Panorama Christmas Card.

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Making a Concertina/ Panorama Card is actually a very simple thing to do. It’s one of those cards that looks a lot more complicated than it is and just involves a little planning on what toppers / die cuts etc that you use and whether they require, something like I did here, the use of acetate or card to give you that space to build your card design out.

I went with something quite simple, using just some Hunkydory Decoupage from the Birds of Britain Collection for my toppers. Now I could have used this just as it was, and went for a much smaller card then I did, however I wanted to show that is just a very simple procedure of adding some acetate, or it could have been cards, to build your card bigger and better! LOL!

Now just before we get to the video a couple of things that I promised you in the video. First of all if you Google ‘Squeezee Cards’ you will find lots of templates and designs that are specifically made with the layers designed to be in a concertina card. Secondly and lastly, before the video, here is the photograph of the very rough drawing I did on how I worked out my concertina layers. I thought this might be useful for you to see up close rather then fleeting past in video!


So that it for the chatter, let’s now get on to our Hunkydory British Birds Concertina Card video: –

Well I hope you enjoyed the video, as always here are the photos and as always just to remind you to click on the photos to get them large, super-sized or even start your own slideshow: –

So I hope that you found this video is helpful and that it has shown you that it is actually really simple to make these types of cards with or without dies. It’s just all in the planning with regard to what you can put on the layers. If I have managed to confuse you in any way please feel free to leave a comment below or if you prefer to ask me a question privately then go to the Message Me page here on my website. Anyway Fernau hugs and have a great craft day,

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4 Comments on Hunkydory British Birds Concertina Card

    • Thank you Sweet, glad you liked it, you know you can watch the video here on this page dont you? sorry if I am telling you something you already know xx

  1. Every time I look at this card, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you doing these kinds of cards. As you know, they are difficult for me. But, you make it look so easy! Thanks! Hugs!

    • Thank you so much that is so lovely of you to say, and Im glad that I make it look easy cos it is and if you just follow what I do one step at a time I think you will surprise yourself. I have every confidence in you xx

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