Hi everyone, well today is the first Wednesday of the month so it is Silhouette Seminar time. Today we are going to be taking a look at the final cut seminar for a while Silhouette Seminar No 8 Multi Layer Cutting and in the process we will be cutting out the cutest little Hippo cut. So what you will need to do if you are following along is find your own multi layered cut. A multi layered cut is not like we did last month of taking the same shape and putting one on top of each other like building blocks, Multi layered cutting is where the various parts make a whole. In other worlds you have one image, whatever that might be, but to achieve it you will need to cut several cuts and layer them together, not like building blocks but each part in its own place, plus each part layered up in the right order to achieve the finished single image. This can be anything from a little critter to a flower to a sentiment. The variety is infinite and will be one of your most used kind of cutting,

So take a look at the photo of out hippo below to see the sort of thing I mean and what we are using today, not too many layers but make a little bit challenging.It is a screen shot from the Silhouette seminar so you should be able to see its individual cut code if you want to use that image. I think if possible I would suggest that you do use the same cut as me as this makes the learning process much easier as it is always more productive to do precisely what I do for the first part so then you can see absolutely what to do and what it should end up like.  Now this cut does come on the SVG cuts website too as a SVG cut but since we haven’t yet really gone into importing images into your Silhouette Studio it might be better for now to get it here in the Silhouette store. So for reference if you dont want to use the Hippo here is what he looks like so you can see the sort of thing I mean by multi layer cutting.

qIMG_9795   qScreen Shot 2014-10-29 at 21.53.53

So as always I have put the video below for you, followed by a couple of photos and then all the other Silhouette Seminars so you can revisit or watch anew. So here it is – Silhouette Seminar No 8 Multi Layer Cutting :-

Here are our the photos:-

qIMG_9792 qIMG_9796

qIMG_9798 qIMG_9797

qIMG_9801  qIMG_9799  qIMG_9800

Now below is all the previous Silhouette Seminars for you,





I hope that you enjoy the series and are finding it helpful? I would love hear if there is anything you would like to cover, look at again or just if you have a question. You are welcome to leave a comment below or if you prefer it to be a PM then go to the message me flag on the right of the page here and send me your message.  Have a fabulous craft day, Hugs,

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