Hi Guys, today is the first official card of my new Cricut Explore. I thought for the first few cards we would start off with some simple yet fun cards making use of both the free two week subscription that you get to the Design Space when you register you Explore and also the great Make It Now Projects. I really like the Make It Now projects and I don’t feel like it is cheating or anything cos I still have to actually make the card, all that has happened is that Cricut has already worked out the digital side of the project i.e. what cuts you need to make in order to make your project. I think that is really cool. As a whole I like the way the Design Space thinks anyway because it allows you to create your project before your eyes as one project rather than putting all the elements to different parts of the virtual mat. This is what I have been doing for years on both my Cricut and Silhouette. I like to design my card on the screen so I can see how the elements I am going to cut will relate to each other. Up til design space this has meant I firstly have a bit of a mess on the screen where things overlap but secondly I have to copy paste everything after and sort where on the virtual mat to put them ready for cutting. Design Space however does everything I have been trying to do but with none of those issues. It layers the elements so it looks like the card and I don’t have to copy paste because Design Space takes your card and deconstructs those elements into the relevant parts of the mats when you come to cut. Make It Now projects are just the cards already designed just like you would do if you started a project from scratch but you still can customise and even if you don’t you still have to cut it out and make it. Anyway today we are doing a Cricut Explore Dad Make It Now Card and I chose this because it uses all elements of the Cricut Explore:- Cut, Score and Draw ! Enjpy the video and then go and have a look at the photos 🙂

I have to say so far I am incredibly impressed with the whole machine. You will see more projects that I have already made in the near future and you will see even more as to the skill of the machine. Anyway in the meantime here are the photos of today’s card:-


aIMG_7936  aIMG_7937

So hope you enjoyed the video and like what you see of the Explore, Have a great craft day, enjoy,

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