Hiya, so it is that time of the month again for our Throw Back Thursday video. Of course as it is October and heading quickly to Halloween – wow can you believe it is already nearly there and next it will be the ‘C’ word sshhh christmas!!!  Anyway today we have for you what I think of as a classic Lolli Lulu card, the kind that I love to get me teeth into, creating a card that is a story or scene. In this case we have a spooky grave yard with witchy brew on the side. I love this card and the way as you open each layer another bit is revealed and then finally the card is fully open and the whole picture is revealed.


I did re-list this video on youtube in an edited form but for this #TBT we will be going right back to the original video which was in a couple of parts. But first as always our little introductory video to # TBT Cricut Tri Fold Halloween Scene Card:

So now to the actual videos of the card and I think you will see it is one of those cards that looks like you have been awfully clever but is actually not that hard to make. After you have watched the videos dont forget to pop down to look at the photos. Enjoy:-

 So here are the photos for you. So it starts off fully closed with its very sparkly ribbon tied and then the photos show as each side is opened til we see the whole of the scene on the inside. Its the crafty version of the Chippendales! Although the ‘guy’ on the inside (of the card) might need to work out a bit more!! LOL!

 wtIMG_2042  wtIMG_2044


wtIMG_2053 2   wtIMG_2053

wtIMG_2050  wtIMG_2055

  wtIMG_2052  wtIMG_2057

wtIMG_2056   wtIMG_2058

So what did you think? I think this is the kind of style of card that will translate really easily to other holidays such as Christmas or even a fun Birthday card. In fact you would have seen on the video the original version of this card was a Christmas Card Well thanks for watching and I would love to hear what you thought of the card, hugs and have a great craft day,

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Amanda Evans

6 Comments on # TBT Cricut Tri Fold Halloween Scene Card

  1. Amanda
    A lot of work and it shows. This has so many images that are fun and remind me of my childhood and Halloween.
    Full of color and whimsy. I love it. I almost would hate to have to open that beautiful bow. The Chippendale male on the inside is so funny as trick or treat…I think he is a trick…not a treat.LOL He needs to eat a little more Pasta. Love the frog, the cats and even the funny ghost. Love the whole card Amanda and all the wonderful work you put into it.
    Happy Halloween…this card proves it.

    • you make me laugh – the chippendale lol! I think you are right a little more food and some workouts before he really makes the cut! lol Glad you liked the card and thanks for commenting as always xxx

  2. Amanda! You always show your creative genius! I love that these were all originally cut together on one sheet of white card stock and colored in! Brilliant!
    I would never have dreamed that up! You have given me so much inspiration. I can’t wait to try my hand at it! I will work hard to emulate your technique. Thank you very kindly for sharing! Chrissy

    • Its easy to do hun, that is why I do it like that – too lazy to cut all the layers lol! go and give it a go. I have other cards where I used the same technique – I think the mickey mouse santa card was one of them, anyway thanks for your lovely comments, xx

  3. Too cute. I need to make a Halloween birthday card for a friend to give to her mom. I love the tri-fold idea. I will have to try that. Wish me luck!

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